Dyson - Invalid config

I hope someone can help me out here a bit. I have been having issues with my dyson integration for just over 2 months now. It used to work but no longer works. I get the following error.


My configuration is as follows:

############# DYSON ###############
  username: !secret email
  password: !secret dyson_password
  language: US
    - device_id: VS5-CA-MJA00XXX

Anything changed recently with your network addressing?

Also, on latest version of HA, I find that I don’t need to specify the device data.

  username: !secret dyson_username
  password: !secret dyson_password
  language: US

Check the log (developer tools > logs or configuration > logs depending on what home assistant version you’re running) for errors.

looks like the latest version fixed this issue…


FYI, my Dyson fan stopped working with version HASS 0.113 but works fine after upgrading to HASS 0.114.4. The 0.113 integration failed silently - the log viewer didn’t show issues, but I didn’t look into the code to see if debug could be turned on.

Here’s my redacted config pulled directly from a working integration 0.114.4 in a RPi2:

# Dyson integration
  username: [email protected]
  password: secret
  language: GB
    - device_id: dyson serial number from the app without quotes

I’m not currently using a secrets file, but would expect that to be transparent. The only other difference is the language: US, but I’d suspect HASS version or credentials first.

Hope this helps,


Anyone lose access to Dyson today? Running 2021.2.2, all working great, restarted because of a binary sensor I was creating, now the Dyson config is reporting as invalid.

Same issue here. Upgraded to 2021.2.2 today and suddenly have an invalid Dyson config.

Same here, also running v.2021.2.2.

Same here.

Same here. Updated and then Dyson config gets invalid

Folks with the newest breakage, this is a known issue, if you have GitHub, you can subscribe for updates: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/46400 - TLDR, looks like Dyson changed something, upstream library libpurecool is being updated, so hopefully won’t be long until HA fixes and update is out. Hold tight folks!

Here are the steps to replace the dyson.py file on Pi4 running Home Assistant OS (until the official fix):

  • install Portainer Addon, disable protection mode, start the addon and open web-ui.
  • in Portainer settings remove “core” and “homeassistant” from the disabled devices
  • now from the container list select homeassistant, clic the console button and
    enter the three lines above one after the other:
cd /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/libpurecool/
rm dyson.py
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bfayers/libpurecool/fix_auth/libpurecool/dyson.py
  • Reboot core and Voilà !

Thanks to everyone involved in this integration !

How to solve connectivity issues with the Dyson integration (if you’re having issues recently).

Dyson has made new changes on their end. Ithe integration is broken again for you, here’s the current solution: