E-ink display

is anyone using an e-ink display with HA? Found a library and compatible hardware that look attractive:




I’ve actually had the same site in my to-do list for a while looking to do a similar thing. Would love if somebody did the hard work first and I just jump in on that! (not very good with coding and the like)

$50 is so steap for a display… and the pi and accessories we are nearing $80+

I really want something like this to be affordable!

Xiaomi phone for $100 and run a dashboard just seems like a more economical route with a better result… (kinda…)

E-ink display is better in glare, and I don’t like having phones all over the place


Hopefully the price comes down soon!!

I always wanted to hack a kindle, touch screen e ink and easy to wall mount req minimal power!


Hey @robmarkcole, I just bought one of these today. Have you tinkered around with it? Any good ideas?

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I don’t own one yet but would like one perhaps on bedside or by front door

I think it would be nice to have a default set of screen infomation like weather, calendar, to do list, etc. But it should also be responsive to events triggered by hass. For example when spotify starts playing it would be nice to view the current album cover and artist/song information. When spotify stops it should go back to the default set of information. But this exceeds by far my abilities :slight_smile: Let’s see how far I get.

I have the display and am watching this thread as inspiration to get it out of the box…

The ESPhomeyaml component has the capability to control these displays if you wanted an easy way to do so. I haven’t bought one yet but considering it. I use the ESPhomeyaml config for other ESP’s controlling things in my house, it’s really good.