E3dc modbus rscp pyscript jupyter mqtt whaaaat

Hello there,

so I‘m trying to get my E3dc home into home assistant and as far as I got it right there are two main options: modbus (to read the sensors only) and RSCP (propriate protocol) where I could also control some settings. Sounds more powerful to me and I wanted to try that.

So I first found found HOAS E3DC and it looked pretty simple but soon I reconned I would also need Python-e3dc and I installed that (never did anything with „pip install“ before but ok). Then there is written something about scripts (what seems to be python scripts) so I assumed that I will need pyscript and when installing that they were recommending jupyter (whatever that is) and now I have installed four integrations/addons and did several entries in my config and created a py-file and nothing works and I am concerning trying the next thing (E3dc-to-mqtt) but to be honest I am so far from home I can’t even tell!?

Can somebody help me here?
Starting from the first HACS integration: what steps do I really need to take, which plugins and configurations can I skip, reconfigure or uninstall again or should I best leave it completely and get the modbus integration?

Thank you in advance for advice.

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