E3DC Wallbox

Hey folks,

anyone here got a E3DC Wallbox (really just a modified Compleo) to work with Homeassistant? Currently I am doing Modbus to get a readout of the Powe Usage (which works).

But I would like to be able to stop charging from homeassistant. I know it is possible (or should be) because I can do this with the E3DC app. The E3DC Home Power System -on which the E3DC Wallbox is connected to) can issue the command to stop charging.

Thanks for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:

God, I hate it when you search for your problem and find your own question only on the net…

Hei there … i also was looking / searching the internet for exactly that question/answer but were not successful …
can you please point me to the solution that you found ?


here is my self-written solution: Modbus / Send Register or Coil - #3 by creis

Hope it helps.


nice :slight_smile: will give it a try
thanks a lot