Eachen Inching Relay Board with Chamberlain MyQ Opener

Looking for some help. I purchased an EACHEN WiFi Wireless Inching Relay Momentary/Self-locking Switch Module DIY Smart Garage Door DC 5-32V. I installed it on my Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener. and when I hit the button the button lights on the door opener itself flash but it does not activate the garage door opener motor.

I do have it hooked up the correct way according to the instructions from several sources. I have the wires going from the NO and COM connectors on the switch to the wire ports with the wires for the wall switch. I have checked the switch wires with a multimeter and I do get a momentary connection went he button on the app is pressed.

I tried to jump the button wire ports on the opener itself and the buttons on the opener flashed but the garage door did not operate.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is not working? Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue with newer garage door openers? Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully it is something simple or maybe it just will not work at all with this opener, which would be a shame. LOL…

I am having this same issue with a Chamberlain and a Shelly Relay. Did you get this to work at all?