Early AM reboot

My system seems to rebbot about 1 30 AM and I cant work out why. About 10 days ago it started and I have a felling it was after a core update but not sure. At the time I thought it was a corrupted SD card so with a new card did a restore and went back a couple of days as I dod a snapshot each day. It went well for a while but at around 1 30 this morning it rebooted again. I have also changed power supplies as well and actually have it on my test bench measuring the cureent it draws.

I use Node-Red for my automations etc and there is nothing scheduled for that time. I also use a RAzberry board.

The only thing I had as an ida was my internet connection is flat out and I was wondering if its rebooting as it cant connect to something. I use MYSQL on another machine as my recorder.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Sometimes we forget what we have doneā€¦ I added a new zwave device about the same time I started having issues but forgot about it. I at the time set the reporting for it to 1 second. Yesterday I added a load graph to one of my pages so I could watch the load and looked through the forum again. Something got me to have a look at the Zwave devive. I altered its repoting time and it has dropped the load on the RPI. I am hoping this is it but will monitor. Not sure why it was loading up at 2 am but lets see