Easee + Fronius + Tesla + BYD battery

Hi all,

Have a Tesla which I’m charging with Easee 11 kW (with load balancing on a 20A circuit). Easee just introduced something they call “Solar Charging” which is basically a setting that charges the car on either 1 or 3-phase when all phases have a minimum of 6A or 1.4 kW exporting to “grid”. That would work super good if I didn’t have a BYD battery in the mix as well…

Problem I’m facing is that Easee doesn’t recognize if the “exported power to the grid” comes from the battery or not. I want to make this smarter with HA.

In a perfect setup, the car would only charge from the solar panels and not the BYD battery, and when there’s a least 5A available from the solar panels, then cut the export to the BYD battery (in other words, the car would have priority over the BYD battery). I played around a bit with HA, and I notice that when I connect my Fronius I can see the exact output from a separate phase. Perfect! That would also mean I could tell Easee to charge when it actually sends (X)A to the grid, and not my BYD battery, right?

I’m asking because I would like to retain my BYD battery and not charge my car with another battery - only power from the solar panels. Since Easee doesn’t recognize if the “exported power to grid” comes from the battery or not my situation right now is that I manually have to edit how many A the Tesla charges with to retain as much self consumption as possible, without taking power from the battery.

Let’s say it’s a cloudy day and the solar panels charges the BYD battery because there’s not enough power to serve the Tesla, and then during the afternoon it suddenly becomes available - then Easee will think “aha, I now have more than 5A” and start taking excessive power from the battery and not the actual power to the grid. That’s not how I want it since it puts unnecessary cycles on the BYD battery.

I hope my question isn’t too messy… Does anyone know how to achieve this?

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Just seeing this after doing some searches for the Tesla integration.
The battery works with a power meter and reacts to that. Everything that’s after the meter, will be powered by the battery. A rewire is the best solution imo.

Now you have it wired like this:
Grid => Battery meter => Loading point + house hold electricity + solar
And you want this
Grid => Loading point => Battery meter => household electricity + solar

I that case the the battery will ignore the Easee charger. But the Easee charger will only do solar charging once the battery stops charging so there is enough excess energy. Not sure if you can stop the battery from charging?

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