Easier way to test automation and scripts?

Is there a better way to test my automation or scripts without need to restart home assistant everytime i changed something. I just started with home assistant so i am not where good with automation or scripts, that means i need to test a lot… But everytime restart home assistant when i change something and what to test it is very irritating.

Any tipps maybe?

There’s been talk about being able to dynamically or manually refresh the configs but I don’t know how high a priority it is. I know a new version of Polymer was announced and the Twitter feed from HA mentioned how they were looking forward to implementing the new framework. I’m not sure if that would delay or advance new features because I’m hoping they’ll do a blog post on what Polymer’s announcements brings to the table. I feel your pain though; I’m starting to work on automation and scripts myself and I’m just glad HA restarts are fairly quick. :slight_smile: