Easiest way for Google Assistant to trigger HA to send out webhooks?

I use Google Assistant for many automation tasks. I would like to leverage the Tessie API (for Tesla) to control various functions of the car.

I have the webhook URLs for the functions, I just need to know how I can get Google Assistant via Google Home to trigger Home Assistant to send the various webhooks.

I already have scenes, switches, and other entities exposed to GH via Nabu Casa and they work fine. The reason I am having to do this is because some Tesla functions like door lock do not trigger properly via voice and Google Home. My previous workaround was to create scenes, but I want to try just going direct using webhooks.

I’ve seen plenty of articles about how HA can receive, and actions can be triggered from incoming webhooks, but I am looking to implement outgoing webhooks to Tessie that can be exposed to Google Home.

I found the RESTful Command integration, but is that the proper way? I don’t know anything about RESTful so I’ll need to get acquainted. Also, my skill level is 98% GUI and can fumble through yaml if needed.

Thanks for any help.