Easiest way to compactify dashboard?

Is there any straight forward way to compactify the standard layout by a bit? Reduce distances/margins, maybe slightly decrease font? Ability to show two entity values in one row (similar as “2nd information”)?

Why does this have to be so wasteful? I want to create a wall tablet dashboard, real estate is precious (want to avoid scrolling) but so much is just wasted.

If possible, I’d like to avoid HACS but I am open to. I do not want to learn complicated new front end cards, especially the ones that require YAML. Is there an easy way to just make the normal layout more compact?

Avoiding YAML as long as I can, and after toying with a few desktop dashboards, I was led to the HACS Mushroom Cards & buttons. That has helped me to “compactify” for a more agreeable dashboard for the phone, . For the time being, anyways.

First approaches were then refined (done over), and it took some hours to complete (HA being new to me), but I got there. Needs and wants being what they are, it might not be what you’re seeking, but I just thought I’d toss that out there.

Take a look at multiple-entity-row. It allows multiple values in one line of an entities card. Also lovelace-fold-entity-row. Both are good tools at condensing space required without giving up sensor data completely.

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