Easiest way to drive a LED strip LED by LED


I’m thinking about a project where I use a LED strip as a reminder. Lighting specific LEDs in specific colors mean certain things (no idea about the meaning yet :wink: )
I do have a strip with an esp8266 running WLED, so in principle I do have rough ideas what to do, but I am a software guy, not a hardware guy :wink:

I want the most simple way to tell a strip from HomeAssistant: Light LEDs 0-10 in green, LEDs 13-15 in blue and LED 33 in white, all at X% brighness (or any other combination) . I don’t need any fancy effects or such, just a way to l drive set single LEDs to on/off/color/brightness.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Not sure, as i’m playing with wled only a few days, but this should be possible with wled segments.

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Thanks for the idea!
I thought about that and it‘s my last resort… It should work, but I’d prefer a more flexible way of setting LEDs without defining sectors beforehand. But thanks for reminding me and for the link, it showed that it‘ll work :slight_smile: