Easiest Zigbee2MQTT RaspiHAT or USB dongle to connect JY-GZ-01AQ sensors?

In the MQTT page of my planned smoke sensor Xiaomi JY-GZ-01AQ control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT it says

In order for this device to work, at least the following firmware is required on your adapter:
CC2530/CC2531: [20211115 ]
CC1352/CC2652: [20211114 ]
CC2538: [20211222 ]
Conbee II: [0x26720700 ]

So currently I only have a Raspi and of course I try to buy the right Zigbee adapter from the start. I do plan to connect really many devices, so those adapters that have a limitation regarding the connected devices (like the Sonoff) seem to be the wrong choice.

The JY-GZ-01AQ supports OTA updates, do I need a specific adapter to look out for?

In short: What is a proven, powerful Zigbee2MQTT adapter that can handle the JY-GZ-01AQ ?

Most preferred z2m adapter is one based on the CC22652P chipset.

The Sonoff ZBDongle-P is a popular choice, as are the options at https://www.tubeszb.com/.

Make sure you get the cc2652 models. The tubesz models are clearly labeled. Sonoff makes it confusing with two variants of the “Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus” that are often not so clearly labeled on seller sites. For z2m you want the “P” model. The “E” uses a different chip and the z2m support is not as good for now.


Many thanks - any idea what the background is for the firmware recommendation for the smoke sensor?

Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware: Compilation instructions and hex files for Z-Stack firmwares (github.com)

@Cabletwister Interested in how you got on with this smoke detector. Any insights?

Jep, all working as it should. The JY-GZ-01AQ is connected to the Sonoff P stick with the firmware from April? May? something like that. When helping a friend to set up his system I noticed that there is also a newer firmware available for this stick.

OTA seems to work, at least it checks for firmwares but to my knowledge there has never been an update.

The siren is now connected to other smoke sensors and a flooding sensor. So the alarm can be triggered just as it would be a separate device.

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Thanks, my first one connected fine and seems to have the right entities. Hard to do the ultimate test without setting the house on fire.

Jep - the only test I did so far was using other buttons/sensors to trigger it. Remember to think about a “mute” option, otherwise you would have to manually silence them one by one.

And don’t overdo it when using the siren as an alarm. One small issue in the setup could trigger an alarm that may motivate somebody to break your door because they think it is burning inside.