Easy connect with bluetooth Speaker is missing

Hey they,
thank you so much for the great progress and functionality that Home Assistant has. A small thing is still missing. Why is it not possible to install a bluetooth dongle on the Home Assistant PC and just have something like “Search for Devices” under Devices - Bluetooth. That could be than used for playing the media not over webbrowser but over the connect bluetooth device.
I can imagine, that every bluetooth speaker gets three additional entities: one is the status, if the device is in bluetooth range, the second one is the connection status (is connected/ not connected) and the other one can be used to connect / disconnect with it (like a switch). So for example I can setup in an automation, that it should try to connect to the speaker and than play some audio from the library.

That would be amazing. No workarounds and a simple usage.
Thank you for all and keep going the great work.