Easy scaling and moving of Lovelace cards

It would be awesome to move the cards more freely in Lovelace (e.g. drag and drop with the mouse). Using the arrows today causes me nightmares.
Also would be cool if we could scale the cards (with everything that is inside). Just like you scale a picture in a document/presentation

This is being actively worked on. Assuming all goes well you will get your request.


Ok. I looked into 0.115 and moving the entities within the scope of one card is a really good step forward.
And my main point here is to easily move the entire cards within the scope of the entire tab (not using the arrows or manually moving the code). So I hope @tom_l you meant the work is towards the latter, right?


This is what was sneak peeked in the frontend developers discord channel.

Just because it is being worked on does not mean there is a guarantee that it will ever see the light of day.


is there a github ticket or something to follow the progress?

There’s a youtube channel. Zack posts live streams on how his development is going occasionally.

Otherwise the Frontend Discord Channel.

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This would be an awesome user friendliness improvement.

its been a year since the last post. this would be a really nice feature. moving the cards using the buttons is a huge pain, especially when you have a lot of cards and some very large cards that scroll past a single screen.

It would also be nice to scale the card and have a scroll bar on the right side for long cards.

Is like to see the ability to have elements span rows and columns in grid cards