Easy way to back up to github from Hass.io?

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Like the title says is there an easy way to back up my Home Assistant configuration to github without having to ssh in? I currently have my set up on a Pi and am using Hassio.

I know there is a git pull add-on and am hoping that some one made a git push add-on that I just can’t find.

If not, I was hoping someone might have an easy way of doing it.


Two options im aware of…

Option 1:


Then create shell command to run the gitupdate.sh mentioned in the doc?

Option 2

Look at configurator theres some options in that


Any idea how the “git push” button works in the configurator or how to configure it properly?


I was trying to avoid having to ssh in (Option 1)


Another option is to use the IDE addon if your using HassIO.

It allows you to open a console into HomeAssistant. I use this to do commits and pushes from my local configuration into GitHub with shell commands, similar to over SSH, but never having to leave the webUI.


Sorry for the late reply been busy.

I don’t use Github for backups, although i probably should.
Looking at the configurator docs you have to setup the remote repository manually so you will have to ssh just for setup.

For option 1 again it will be ssh for initial setup then you would just have a button in HA

If you want only ssh as @Silicon_Avatar suggested then there’s also

although IDE looks very interesting and looks like it may have github support too