Easy way to calibrate

I just setup CircuitSetup’s power monitoring board with ESPHome. It’s awesome and love it. One thing that ate up a lot of my time was properly calibrating my sensors to what my Klien multimeter was reading. Every time I wanted to adjust the gain I had to recompile and load it back onto the device. Is there a way to enable an up or down button on the webpage where I can dynamically set the gain until it at a spot acceptable for me then I can hardcode it in? This would be super useful.

You haven’t even told us what component you are using, or pointed to anything that tells us what a “CircuitSetup’s power monitoring board” is.

Sorry though it was a commonly known device. Below are links to the devices esphome and CircuiSetups GitHub. The channel gains I’m calibrating are for voltage and current measurements. Once they’re set up I shouldn’t have to touch them again. It just takes a while to get the gain close enough to my Klein multimeter.

Hopefully this helps

Just to be sure: did you use the calibration method as shown in that YouTube video linked on the GitHub page you mention?
That method is just trial and error and can take a lot of steps.
However, when you use the calculation method as shown on the ESPHome page you need only one calibration step for the callibrations.

New gain_voltage = (your voltage reading / ESPHome voltage reading) * existing gain_voltage value

Yes I have watched that video. Thats how I got everything up and running. was just looking for a way to quickly calibrate the gain by creating a temporary button. This could save a few minutes per gain setting as the configuration won’t have to be recompiled and redownloaded to the ESP32 board.

I did miss that formula for calculating my device’s specific gain. I’ll give that a try.

The button idea was just a thought I had to easily calibrate the sensor without having to recompile. Once the value was found then it can be hardcoded and have the new configuration compiled and deployed.