eBUSd + ZHA Zigbee Sensors

Hi everyone!

I recently installed an eBUS v5 adapter on my boiler and successfully connected it with Home Assistant. I’ve managed to set up everything on my Saunier Duval F25 boiler, created the thermostat on HASS, but I’m encountering an issue with the temperature sensor from the wireless thermostat (an exacontrol e7r-b) that is not displaying the correct temperature. For instance, it shows 17ºC when the room is at 22ºC. I suspect it’s hardware-related, and I’m hoping to find a solution without having to replace the thermostat, considering this is a rental apartment and don’t want to pay to replace my landlord’s stuff.

I have several temperature+humidity Zigbee sensors around the apartment connected to HASS using ZHA. I was hoping to use these sensors as temperature probes instead of the exacontrol and integrate them into the thermostat entity. However, I’m unsure how to integrate a non-MQTT sensor into the entity so that I have the correct temp reading into my thermostat cards.

If anyone with deeper knowledge could assist me on this mission, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s my current configuration:

    - name: "Boiler"
      max_temp: 30
      min_temp: 15
      temp_step: 0.5
      precision: 0.1
      initial: 18
      current_temperature_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/RoomTemp"
      current_temperature_template: "{{value_json['temp']['value']}}"
      temperature_state_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/HeatingTempSet"
      temperature_state_template: "{{value_json['temp']['value']}}"
      temperature_command_topic: "ebusd/e7f_2/HeatingTempSet/set"

The 5 zigbee temperature entities are named sensor.temphum_01_temp, swapping the number up to 05 depending on the room. I was thinking of creating a helper entity that centralizes the reading from the sensor of the room I’m currently in, plus considering some rules like zones and time, etc. But any recommendations on this front are also highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have similar, Vaillant controller. Did you check temperature correction in setup menu is set properly to 0k. You could try to modify this parameter.

The issue is not on the temperature offset, I actually had tried to automate that by taking the delta between the thermostat temp and the sensor temp and writing it into an offset that makes it virtually match the targeted temperature, but results were not working as expected, temperature targets kept fluctuating and the boiler wasn’t being triggered as expected.

The issue lays with the thermometer itself giving random data. Some moments it says it’s 28ºC, other times -10ºC and others it gets stuck for hours at 17ºC on a home that’s supposedly at 18-22ºC all day long.

I ended up replacing the entire thermostat with a Tado one that provides lots of functionalities since it speaks eBus with the boiler and is well integrated into HASS.

However I’m sad I couldn’t figure out this challenge.