Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

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you simply insert all names of yours echo’s separated by a coma ,

  • service: media_player.alexa_tts
    entity_id: media_player.echo_dot_1, media_player.echo_2, media_player.echo_dot_3
    message: your message!

and you listen all speak the same thing at the same moment.


I noticed that if i try to send a tts from the home assistant frontend (it appears when i click over a media player card) to my echo spot, it calls the tts.google_say service and not the media_player.alexa_tts service.
If i use the lovelace mini-media-player custom card i can set in the options if i want the “show_tts: google” or the “show_tts: alexa” options and in this case it works. How to have the alexa tts service called also in the default media player card?


gotcha. That works, although about 50% of the time, there’s a slight delay between the different echos.


it has been said over and over (and also to you) TTS DOESNT work from the mediaplayer.

and if alexa speaks the message that you cant use it with mediaplayer, and it doesnt work with services you are doing something wrong.


50% times? Do you use repeater WiFi or 2 AP for your network , for me work 100%


if you have several alexas that are on different places it cant be helped that they are not simultanious.

i have 13 echo dots and i also noticed that sometimes some of them dont react at all if i send it to all.
so i have deliberately added a delay between all echos to make sure they all announce.


I can confirm that TTS works in Italy too!
Tried from services pages on Home Assistant and with alexa remote control and works for both :sunglasses:


Tried it italian! All work ok! One question: can someone show a little example how to use a custom response by alexa after I tell a command. For example. “Alexa, power on lights 1”. Response “OK, my sir”. Where have I to put the code?


Uhm, I think it depends how you control your devices…are you using HA cloud or you made a custom skill?


I use HA connected with haaska


Uhm…so I’m sorry I think I cannot help you, I never used haaska…right now I’m trying ha cloud and I made a custom skill for other purposes (connected to my HA through a AWS Lambda proxy) so I think I’m useless :sweat:


This is great, thank you.

I’m finding that when I have an ‘Everywhere’ speaker group, it constantly appears as playing even after I have switched away from it. That is, it doesn’t return to Idle state. Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks again!


ok grazie lo stesso


Use the app alexa make a routine and in the routine selet the answer ok or the others answer to your command.


Hi. Thanks for the custom component! Got it up and running (even with 2FA); TTS works well (using the alexa_tts -service), etcetera. Great!

I’m assuming it might not be too difficult, using some of the underlying logic of this component, to also issue commands to Alexa? (As in: instead of Simon Says Play music, a script or automation could instead issue the command Play music.) Tried to skim through this rather impressively long thread, but so far I haven’t stumbled upon instructions for some such. Any tips?


It can be done with a script calling alexa remote control bash script I linked some posts above :sunglasses:


Ok sorry to disturb you, finally i got it working… only one more question: can i use media_player.volume_set also for alexa?


Can you give me some example about how you use alexa-remote-control?


On GitHub page documentation is clear, but just to give an idea:
./ -e speak:"ciao a tutti" for TTS speak
./ -e automation:'Welcome home' to start routines

Anyway there are a very good explanation on author blog. It is in German but commands samples are quite easy to understand


Ok thanks… i’ll give a look…
And you can start them from automations?