Ecobee and HomeKit Device Integration


I have 3 Ecobee thermostats and have been using the Ecobee integration. I wanted to convert to using the HomeKit Device Integration to keep things local. My Ecobee3 was discovered and I was able to connect it just fine.

However, my 2 Ecobee4’s are not being discovered. I do not have any other Homekit hubs, no Apple Hub or Apple TV.

Any tips or suggestions to get them to be discovered?


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I’m in the same boat. Ecobee’s developer feature is broken (I already have a developer account, but the “Create App” feature isn’t working). One of my four thermostats was discovered as a Homekit device. :expressionless:

Fortunately I’ve had all mine connected through Ecobee for a while. Was just trying to get it local. I haven’t found a way to get it recognized yet.

I finally got it to work. On my EcoBee 4’s I had to go through the menus and enable Homekit pairing.

Hit the hamburger menu on the main screen.
Hit the gear to enter the options
Scroll to the Settings option and press that
There will be a HomeKit entry hit that.
There is an option to Enable HomeKit pairing.

After that HomeAssistant discovered the devices.