Ecobee component not detecting celsius

I’ve hooked up my ecobee3 tonight, and got it all talking to hass, but hass doesn’t seem to pick up that I’ve got the ecobee set to celsius.
It also seems to be missing/ignoring that I have my unit_system set to metric.
Has anyone else seen this?


I noticed this yesterday also, but if you give it a few minutes, or reboot and wait the 5 minutes, it should convert back to C, mine did

Strange, I noticed it first last night, and it hasn’t resolved itself since then. Restarted hass again now to be sure, but still showing Fahrenheit.

Same thing with mine, it’s always been Fahrenheit since I set it up weeks ago. Is there a way to force it to celsius?

I didn’t have any luck, but I’ve updated to 29.1 and now its flipped, show units as celsius but showing the temperature in farenheit…

I’m seeing the same thing on 0.30.1, anyone have any ideas?

It looks like the issue is still being worked on, there’s an issue open in github tracking it