Ecobee lite 3 issues

I hope this is in the right section. Sorry if it is not.

I have an ecobee 3 lite. Lately when i change the temperature manually and the thermostat switches out of a preset mode, I get this notification in HA: “Preset mode is not valid. Valid preset modes are: Home, Away, Sleep.”

If the thermostat is not on a preset and I change the temperature, I don’t get this notification. Also, HA is no longer updating the state of the thermostat in a timely manner or at all as it once did. When i send a temp. change from HA it shows up on the thermostat within a second or so. When the state of thermostat changes on its own (ie: from a new preset mode or house temp changes), it is not updating in HA any longer. Seems to be one way communication for the most part.

I have removed and reinstalled the ecobee integrations in HA but no change. Same with deleting the ecobee on their side and setting it up as if new. Nothing with my network or HA host (RPi4B) has changed and I am not sure when this issue began as it has been a few weeks since I last manually changed the temp. Normally just leave it on the presets. However I am positive it never behaved like this before.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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