Ecobee no longer supporting new HAS Dev Accounts needed to attain API keys and PINs

Had a pretty unsetting call with Ecobee support confirming that they are not longer providing dev accounts. Few reasons seemed to out of the conversation - the rate of API calls from non partnered integrations was expensive, the Ecobee Webapp provides much of what they say in HAS deployments and their roadmap.

Is there any thoughts to embed portions of the eccobe web app in cards?

is someone talking to them about implementing proxy or call back rate limiting so they can continue to allow HAS deployments to integrate with Ecobee?

The new CEO Greg Fyke is based in Seattle, is someone from Nabu Casa already in discussion with Ecobee-Generac regarding the future/next steps for the integration?

It is very possible that the agent I spoke to does not have the whole picture. That being said, I can not imagine that we would see Ecobee support depreciated … just as they begin to look to expand Europe. I have a call into the CEO, but I do not expect that to go anywhere as an individual.


Have you tried adding Ecobee using Homekit Device Integration? It doesn’t require the API Key and is local. I’m not sure exactly what one can do versus the other.

You should be integrating ecobee via HomeKit. It’s the only way to integrate them locally and it’s far superior to the cloud api regardless of the availability of dev accounts.

You’re right. The HomeKit is a better way to go. BUT - The ecobee integration allows some functionality that HomeKit does not. For example, creating vacations. I ended up installing both integrations. So I have the localness (I think I just made up a word) of HomeKit but also the extra functionality of ecobee.

Anyway, it blows chunks that they are no longer supporting new dev accounts!!

ok. will look at that. just need some of the extended features like vacations, etc

I did for one and it works ok … just wondering what the downside is.

do I loose any features?

thanks _Mike

You installed both without needing a devapi key? how do you install both.

Oh, the ecobee integration was one of the first I ever added. Back in 2019. So I have had the API key for years. Hopefully it doesn’t go away!

the agent told me the all Dev keys are being roated in September

Well that stinks!

It does. I sent an email to the new CEO … asking if there was some new all inclusive strategy they are working on that we don’t see. waiting on a reply.