Ecobee Occupancy Sensors are gone?

Just noticed that they aren’t showing up anymore, everything else Ecobee works fine. Anyone know whats up with this?

I still see them in 46.0. Search the states page for occupancy…

Yeah that’s where I can’t find them… Still haven’t upgraded past .43 but I’ve had and used them before… Guess I’ll see if they show up again after I upgrade.

Honestly, my Ecobee component typically has errors. Change to the /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/ directory to see if there are any Ecobee logs in the home-assistant.log:

cat home-assistant.log | grep Ecobee

0.46 here and both my thermo and remote occupancy sensors are up and running.

.46 and I’m only seeing remote sensors. No occupancy for the thermos.

I just checked again and I’m seeing the one remote I have and the thermo sensor as well. Is there any chance that somehow the name got changed?

It’s a fresh install of the ecobee. All my remote sensors show up as occupancy but it didn’t pick up any of my thermos. Is there a way to force the component to try to rediscover components without restarting HA?

EDIT: So doing more research, the issue for me is I’m on an Ecobee 3 lite. They don’t have occupancy sensors. I was confused because the Ecobee app actually says (unoccupied) making me believe it did. The actual thermos UI don’t have any state information for the sensors.

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I updated to .46 with no problems, still not occupancy sensors… thinking I’ll ake my ecobee off my config, restart, and put it back? I’m not sure at this point.