Ecobee remote sensor and thermostat readings bounce up and down

Hi all, I have a couple Ecobee remote sensors and I’m using the Ecobee HASS integration. When I look at the graph for the remote sensors (happens on thermostats too) I see this pattern where it is reading temperatures a couple degrees different on a consistent basis, jumping between a high reading and a low reading.

Anyone have idea why this might be? I dont notice any problem with the Ecobee itself or how it is controlling the HVAC systems based on the temperature.

Kind of wreaks havoc with automations though when it is bouncing like this…

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.54.56 PM

Any thoughts appreciated

May have to do with the eco+ feature…see this thread for more info

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Ah great! Will try these suggestions.

Strange I didn’t see that thread in my searching. Thank you!

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I turned off just “Feels Like” and it is looking good so far, thanks!

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