Spikes in Ecobee Room Sensors

I have a number of Ecobee room sensors, and when I look at them in the graph view, there are numerous spikes, that all seem to happen at the same time, although not always in the same direction. I’m not sure if this is a real data issue or display, as I have not noticed these values in the numerical display for the sensors, but maybe I am just not looking at the right times. Looking at an individual sensor graph also shows the spikes. Screenshot below.

I searched but can’t find any examples of similar behavior in the forums. Is there some configuration issue causing this? I don’t see the spikes in other ecobee interfaces like Beestat.io or the Ecobee online dashboard.

As a new user, I can only post one image. Here is an individual sensor graph example.

Yes I have been experiencing this for the past 2 months and tried working with Ecobee support for about as long. They deny anything is wrong and assert it is an issue with my installation, or because I have the fan on to circulate air, or an issue with HA (and that they have no involvement with the developer API and pointed me to a community led and frankly dead, forum). They just repeat these same excuses every time I report it and show the data logged.

The temperature jumping is not a problem with HA. My HVAC has actually cycled on/off frequently because of this. I don’t use HA for control of the ecobee or HVAC, just for reporting/recording.

I found it to be a bigger issue when the system is in Auto mode with both a low and high set point. But recently (as in the past couple of days) the issue has re-appeared in a smaller version (no more than 1.1 degree jumps) on only one of my two thermostats/room sensor combos when set to Cool mode. I have seen a couple reddit posts that say this issue is tied to the “feels like” function of eco+ but I have eco+ completely disabled. I’ve also seen a report that shows the reported temperature which is displayed on the thermostat will actually jump up/down by 2 degrees or so when switching between heat or cool modes.

Yours look like they don’t all have the spikes at the same time - is that true? Mine are correlated in time, although not always in the direction of the change. Since mine seem to be up more for higher temps and down for lower, eco+ does seem like a possible explanation, although one would think it would cause slow modifications with humidity changes, not spikes.

It’s strange to me that they don’t show in the Beestat graphs, but that might be a different API, since you have to sign in vs. create a key.

sorry, the middle image I posted is a thermostat in a second zone and I don’t have a screen shot of the room sensor paired with it, but it shows a similar graph of changes. The first image is the thermostat and the last image is the paired room sensor. so yes, the spikes on the same thermostat/room sensor pair are synced in time. but between my two zones, no they are not synced.

Ecobee responded to me recently and showed me where I can download my data from the web portal and Home IQ. It gives you a CSV file. They log data every 5 minutes. The API has data more frequently. So maybe the API is “raw data” and what you see everywhere else is massaged or averaged data over the 5 minute span. Ecobee claims there are no spikes in this data and they’re correct. I scoured the past 3 months worth of data and there was never a serious jump or spike in that data compared to what HA was gathering from the API.

I have also been experiencing this issue. It seems to be caused by ecobee’s eco+ feature. When I disabled this feature in the ecobee app the graphs returned to normal.

Curious to know if this is the case for others experiencing this.

My eco+ has been disabled and shows “Disabled Indefinitely” under thermostat settings. I’ve never had eco+ enabled.

Maybe try turning eco+ on then off again?

The below image is ecobee sensor temperatures over a 24 hour period, the circled area is when eco+ turned it’s self back on (I had it disabled for 24 hours only as a test). The graphs are from grafana but they show the same in HA.

Thanks for the tip of temporarily enabling them disabling again. It seems very silly that even though I have always had eco+ set to “Disabled Indefinitely” that some functions of eco+ were either still enabled or not fully disabled. I did enable eco+, then toggled every option off, then set eco+ back to disabled again and it would appear things have settled down again. I will continue to monitor things.

I was seeing the same thing and it was driving me nuts. Turning off the “feels like” feature fixed this problem for me. Eco+ is still on.
I’m guessing they are having the sensor calculate the feels like temperature and the algorithm is overly sensitive to fluctuations in humidity.

Same kind of spikes here, but for me, it seems to happen mostly when room ac is on.

Since I use those sensors to control my dumb ac, it’s frequently triggering on and off.
For now, I started using statistics sensors instead of the ‘raw’ temperature from Ecobee to smooth out those 2+ degree spikes.
The red is Ecobee sensor, the cyan is statistics sensor (average)

It’s been almost a week since I re-enabled eco+, toggled every option to off, then disabled eco+ indefinitely again and I no longer have spikes in my temperature reporting. I think it was mentioned before but most likely the cause of this was the “feels like” feature. This feature seems half baked in the ecobee software to begin with. Regardless, the feels like temperature is a calculated mess and not accurate and completely subjective. Also like I said before, it seems silly the a “disabled indefinitely” option doesn’t truly disable things unless you disabled everything.

Thank you to @TechRoach5 and @squirtbrnr for the pointer to the “FeelsLike” feature. Turning this off worked like a charm. Here’s my “before and after”:

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Yeah mine has still been stable as can be.
Makes me wonder if that ugly data causes issues for the thermostat internally or perhaps they’re just running an average anyway.
Have designed and released devices that measure sensors like these and apply algorithms, this shouldn’t have made it out the door for a company like Ecobee. I know our community is as small % of their userbase, but that is still pretty bad.

Thank for the info guys was wondering what was going on, turned off feels like and eco+ and all is good!


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