Ecobee Sensor no longer showing

Had to have been an update to HA or something, but I have an EcoBee Smart Thermostat with Alexa and everything has been working fine. In the master bedroom the motion sensor as it’s called or was is still reporting temperature in the master bedroom.


So the separate sensor in the master is still reporting in. But the battery update is gone.


So obviously the sensor still works and was at 100% battery when it disappeared but no clue what happened.

I did update to Z-Wave 1.6 but these aren’t Z-Wave devices so that can’t be it. Thoughts?

For reference the battery sensor used to be called sensor.bedroom_battery before it disappeared. The temp sensor piece of it that still reports in is sensor.bedroom_temperature. Using the Ecobee integration FYI.

That’s interesting. My room sensor (ie the ecobee device running on CR2032) only reports occupancy and temperature… nothing else.
I do not recall I have ever seen battery level being reported from ecobee…

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Yep, used to show. Looking at some pictures I had from 2020 here is one where it was working:


I can say I believe this came when I integrated it and HomeKit was part of it. Not sure if that broke or something? Digging in I see references to HomeKit Controller: dining room so looks like HomeKit isn’t working in HA or the ecobee? See below when I click into the motion sensor it has references to HomeKit.

Also removed and re-installed the HomeKit piece and reset it on the ecobee as part of this and it pulls down the item but still doesn’t report:

HA also shows it in multiple places if you have the HomeKit piece there but not reporting anymore.

It’s been a while since anyone posted, but I just noticed this myself the other day. I have an ecobee 4 and an ecobee lite. Each of them have an external sensor attached. I am on the latest ha build 2022.03.3 and using only HA homekit intergration to connect to the ecobees. I also removed them and readded them to homekit.
The sensor connected to the ecobee lite

And the sensor connected to the an ecobee 4

To be honest I’m not sure if the battery was being reported before, I dont think I had even paid attention. I was using both the homekit and ecobee integrations until last week. But decided the new updates allowing controlling of ecobee state via homekit was enough to get rid of the ecobee ingration.

Mine shows above it used to be working and now gone. The question mark on the battery itself at the time was a bug with the integration. That said, only other thing I can think of is the integration had a bug and when there is for some reason a reference to a sensor that wasn’t there it just showed it as 100% battery? Question is why is it showing that? Does someone have a battery sensor defined for this and it’s not really there?

What the heck. So I’ll admit I keep my HA up to date but just noticed the battery status that isn’t supposed to show for the ecobee motion sensor is showing again