Ecobee set_aux_mode issue?

Hello there. I’ve been trying to automate a known problem with my ecobee (all smart thermostat have the issue somehow…)
Living on the countryside the exterior temperature used by ecobee is way off, even tho I had them changed to another meteo station. Anyhow, that being said I installed a temperature sensor outisde to resolve the matter.

I want to set the AUX mode of my HVAC system to on when the temp is lower than a certain point and vice versa (off when it’s not).

The issue that I’ve been experiencing is:
When calling the set_aux_mode, instead of reverting to previous HVAC mode according to the documentation, it sets the HVAC mode to off, which is obviously not what I want.
I tried in the developer section of HA to call manually the set_aux_mode to off and it sets the HVAC mode to off always.

That being said, when doing so, my HVAC mode was in “Heat” Mode.

Am I missing/misunderstanding something? (I tried searching around the forums, github issue, even asking chatgpt ahaha!)

Note I have the lasted version of HA, running on hasos. I’m using the native ecobee integration, and not the homekit version.