Ecobee Set Preset Mode - API Error

I’m having an issue with my Ecobee, specifically when feeding it a climate preset. I’m using Node-RED, but you see the payload I’m sending here:

This causes an API error message:

Call-service API error.  Error Message: extra keys not allowed @ data['preset_mode']

I interpret this as the Ecobee API not accepting the Climate platform’s preset_mode format but am not sure. This exact same automation was working just fine until now with zero problems. The only recent change made to HA was the latest update to HA core.

Has anyone else seen something similar?

add a change node before the service call
as the issue is the msg.payload its complaining about

Thanks for the suggestion, but that did not work. I still had the same issue.

I restored the same flow from a backup I made a few weeks ago and now if works. But a diff of the two versions of the flow show zero deltas. Very weird.