Ecobee setting incorrect temps

I was previously using an Ecobee 4 Smart thermostat with the integration with no issues. Maybe 6 months ago I switched over to using it via the HomeKit controller which as advertised in the forums yields much faster response times. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago, and now suddenly there is all sorts of weirdness:

  • primarily, switching from cool to heat_cool frequently results in a temp range of 69 to 74 regardless of the target temps specified. This happens maybe two thirds of the time though sometimes it gets it right. When it gets the range wrong, HA persists indefinitely in thinking that the temps that were requested are actually how the thermostat is set, but the thermostat and Ecobee app show the real settings.
  • switching temps while staying in heat_cool results in random temp settings that have nothing to do with the target temps.

So, I force reinstalled HA which changed nothing. Then I reinstalled the Ecobee integration and, using it, commands are frequently ignored. For a while I was getting an error like this:
Missing valid arguments for set_temperature...
which now seems to have gone away. Turning on debug for climate and ecobee didn’t add anything helpful to the logs.

Does this sound to anyone like a bad thermostat? I can’t figure it out

I’ve got the exact same behavior only the “default” range it keeps setting is 60-65. All other behaviors match your use case exactly.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m considering switching to the cloud integration or re-pairing the homekit integration to see if that helps.

I gave up and went back to the cloud integration which is working ok. I haven’t seen anything about this in the release notes but I don’t always read everything… maybe it’s been fixed

Appreciate the response, I ended up just switching my automations over to use either heat or cool, it seems to work fine in those modes. The bug seems to be specific to setting a range using heat_cool mode. Not ideal but I can live with it :man_shrugging: