Ecobee state attribute "equipment_running" not showing

Hi Folks, I’m new to the forums and I’ve had HA for a few years now but still really bad at figuring out YAML stuff.

The Ecobee integration is working great, but it doesn’t show the “equipment_running” attribute anywhere that i can find except in the developer tools, Ecobee-states section. Is this just a defect on my install or does it not show that info on anyone’s HA? I could use some help fixing that if it’s just mine.

If I need to make a template or do a manual YAML entry to show “equipment_running” info I would need 100% help with that if someone would be so kind. I think if that’s the case it would help me greatly in understanding that stuff.

My goal is to see a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly total and current state and distinguish between stage1 and stage2 of the “equipment_running” info in a vertical history graph because it shows what stage the AC compressor and heater is in (stage1 and stage2) and I’m not sure if a horizontal history graph would work all that great with the visual aspect of comparing the 2 stages of AC and heat.

Its an Ecobee lite 3
using HA on windows VM

Core 2024.4.3
Supervisor 2024.04.0
Operating System 12.2
Frontend 20240404.2
Thank you for having a look at my post!

If it is in the developer tools, then it is in HA.
The attribute is just not a common attribute for climate entities, so it is typically not shown on standard cards for those.
It sounds like you want to use it in a graph and then there might be multiple options depending what card you choose.
Some cards can only work with the state of entities and then you need to make a template.
Some cards can take a template directly in the configuration.
Some cards can take a Jinja2 entry and some cards can tap directly into the attribute.

So to help you further we might need to know how you intend to show the data.

Thanks WallyR, I"m wanting to show it in a card like all the other Ecobee Info. looks like the Ecobee cards show everything in the attributes except the one i really want lol.

I can’t see what cards that are. My guess is that it is not specific Ecobee cards, but rather standard cards showing the values from the Ecobee climate entity.

Thanks WallyR, so would you happen to know how to get the equipment running info attribute into a card of some sort?