Ecobee Thermostats Just Disappeared

The default_view cards just disappeared… as well as the entities…

Anyone ever seen this before?

****** EDIT **************
To save anyone having to read further… the ecobee service went down which caused the entities to go away… but after the service was restored and a reboot of HA they came back… another eason NOT to rely on the cloud

Seems that Ecobee’s cloud service is having issues… even on my phone, I get a message from Ecobee that they are having issues.

The service is back online for me. By any chance do you guys know how can we call Custom schedules ie. climate_mode in 0.96. The service is disappeared?

No sorry… I don’t

I actually figured it out after lots of digging, you have to set preset_mode to “smart1” and etc. Downside is, won’t change the preset_mode status to “smart1” which is a bummer.

What is this preset_mode, and what does it do?

Long story short climate services has changed completely hence if you have any automation pre 0.96 you have to update your scripts.

hey folks, not sure if others are noticing this but the preset_mode isn’t changing the hvac_mode

{ "climate.set_preset_mode" : "sleep" }

expected behavior: heat to 70, cool to 72
actual behavior: heat to 70

If I then change to any other preset, it remains heat until i implicitly change hvac_mode = auto
Did anyone on the dev team have an Ecobee to test this before the ‘climate cleanup’ was implemented?

EDIT: this looks like a bug on Ecobee’s side as if you manually trigger home or away in the web console the hvac_mode remains whatever it was before, and doesnt switch to auto (heat & cool)

It is not really a bug, there is a hvac_mode which is constant all the time and doesn’t change by your schedule: there are four modes: off, auto, cool and heat which really dictates what system your ecobee can access to maintain the temperature heating, cooling, both or none. In your case this will be always on auto. There is also hvac_action: which changes based on current state of your ecobee. It has three modes in new update I belive cooling, heating, and idle. This will change based on what your hvac is doing at the time and is not constant. Preset_mode: really refers to your schedule which is home, away, sleep and etc.

Right, but the issue is lets say I cool the bedroom to 69 (so cool not auto) at night.

Then in the morning the preset ‘Home’ comes on. The hvac_mode remains cool, and does NOT switch to auto - so only brings in the ‘cool to X degrees’ and doesnt add the ‘heat to X degress’ part.

Well you can not really achieve this from ecobee scheduling but you can make a script, or use node red to switch the hvac action for you every morning and night from auto to cool and vice versa. Out of curiosity, why don’t you just leave on auto and change the tempetures on your schedule in ecobee app?

I use node-red to set the temp at night to say…

Cool to 69 (I don’t need a heat to as we like the cold night), so if it’s drops below that great.

However when the schedule kicks in the morning (which is auto - heat to X cool to Y) it doesn’t kick I. Properly, it stays cool only, and requires a manual hvac_mode to auto to resolve it. Which is frustrating. On my last nest any mode would set the hvac_mode AND temp settings.

It seems this may be an issue to be honest.

I also from node-red can’t tell ecobee what temp sensor to use, that can only be done on ecobee scheduling.

Well there are two ways you can do this: leave your thermostat on auto and in your ecobee schedule for sleep set the low target tempeture very low like 30 or 20 (lol I am pretty sure you won’t like it colder than that ;)) and don’t touch your thermostat anymore.

In node read you definitely can change the hvac mode of your ecobee from off to auto, cool and etc. You can use big timer, message change, and call service to switch between those modes at specific time. The downside with this method is if you want to change your schedule you have to do it in Node Red.

But overall I can tell you that you can change the hvac mode, I have implemented in my setup and works flawlessly.

I am going to be swampt untill end of the month but if by than you can’t figure it out I am willing to help you set it up specifically for your needs. Just message me to remind me.

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Thanks for the offer of help!
I also got a response from ecobee to confirm when changing in and out of a preset they don’t change hvac_mode:

Ecobee does not change the system mode while transitioning from one schedule to another. The system mode will remain the same unless they are changed manually. Please let me know if this answers your question.

So it seems the best way to do it is to add more smart presets and remain in auto and not set anything manually and switch to just cool or just heat.
Not sure if that will account for all eventualities, but will give it a try for a few weeks and see what happens.

Well that is true the Ecobee itself doesn’t change the hvac_mode for you automatically, but you can set up an automation on the node red to change that for you. You even can set up node red so when your schedule changes from Sleep to Home it goes from Cool to Auto mode. This way you don’t need to touch your node red if you decide to change your schedule on your Ecobee app.

A very interesting fact about Ecobee is that you can manipulate the device way beyond what is available on its app, through its API.

For starers if you call this service it will put your hvac into auto mode. Replace "auto" with "cool" you can switch to cool.

{ "data": {"entity_id":"your_ecobee_id","hvac_mode":"auto" } }