Ecobee Usage Data - Extract Usage Data from Ecobee to monitor fuel use

I’m looking for a way to get the heating (and cooling) usage data captured on an hourly (or variable time) basis and stored locally in HomeAssistant. I’m not a developer so this isn’t something that I’ve got the skills to do, however I do know based on reading the ecobee API docs that the usage data is reported in seconds, stored in 5 min increments (API Columns “compCool1” and “compHeat1”). If there was an easy way to grab the usage data and store it in a HA database, that information could be used to monitor fuel usage. For example my oil furnace burns 0.65gph. So a 3600s runtime would very closely resemble one gallon of fuel oil. If there was a way to add this functionality it would likely be helpful for many HA users that use the Ecobee intergration. Same values could be applied to natural gas/propane fueled heating system.