Ecolink PIR Motion Sensor - wake_up_interval adjustment help and sensor type showing up as "unknown_type"


I have 2 Ecolink PIR Motion Sensors connected for Z-Wave in my Home Assistant running on my Raspberry Pi 3. I’m confused about two things though:

  • How do I adjust the wake_up_interval? My initial Ecolink PIR Motion Sensor has a wake_up_interval is set to 14400 and the one that I just added the other day is set to 3600.
  • The first motion sensor shows up as binary_sensor.ecolink_pir_motion_sensor_sensor_2_0 inside of Hass, however, the new one shows up as binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0001_sensor_3_0

Why does the 2nd Ecolink PIR Motion Sensor show up as this unknown_type?

My configuration.yaml can be found here.

My customize.yaml can be found here.


Have you tried using open-zwave-control-panel to modify the configuration? also try saving it after. also, sometimes it takes a couple restarts of HA before it sees the correct type i believe.

@nVINCEble Yeah, I’ve tried to update the name and wake_up_interval from the Open Z-Wave Control Panel to no avail.

I did notice that the first Ecolink Motion Sensor is NOT a Z-Wave Plus model. However, the new Ecolink Motion Sensor IS a Z-Wave Plus Model.

Any other ideas?


Are both the same model? You could try to check the ecolink site and see if there is a firmware update. If they r both the same model then u could try to remove and then re add the node that shows as unknown.

I can’t find any firmware updates for Ecolink, unfortunately.

The new one appears to be Z-Wave Plus. @nVINCEble