Ecolink sensors sleeping

Hey everyone,

So I’m a noob when it comes to zwave. I just got a Gen 5 usb stick and two Ecolink open/close sensors. The sensors are in a sleeping state. I believe there is a wake up interval that is set to 14400 at the moment. So what is the best way to modify this to be a much shorter time?

My plan is to use these sensors to see if the fridge door is left open but that interval is way to high right now to be useful. Do you all think this is possible and is changing the rate to about 3 minutes or so viable? I assume the battery would die much quicker but that’s okay the default time is useless.

Also the state right now is sleeping so is the state going to change to open or something like that? Just not sure what actually denotes when it is closed or open.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think you will be fine. I have a pair of these that I use in my stairwell to determine if I am entering or leaving my kitchen and turn on a light. Same settings, they work just fine.

Okay how do I write an automation on them then. Normally I would target the state of the sensor but it seems these are always sleeping. Thanks for the reply!

Nevermind there is a binary sensor I was looking at the zwave sensor part. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reply!

No problem. Its been quite a while, and I had forgotten the challenge of figuring out which of tne different binary sensors I needed from my ecolink PIR.

The “solution” post didn’t actually explain the solution.
I was using the zwave.ecolink_motion_sensor entity instead of the binary_sensor.ecolink_motion_sensor_sensor entity. The latter works fine. The former is the state of the actual device.