Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Indoor Flood / Freeze Sensor FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO not detecting freeze

I am running the latest Home Assistant / Z-wave JS and cannot get the freeze detection to work on this sensor (Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Indoor Flood / Freeze Sensor). I bought this to detect near freezing conditions in my spa cabinet. I have enabled all entities and none of them seem to react to cold. (The water detection works fine, but I do not need that for this application.) Any help appreciated.

I would expect to see two binary_sensor entities that are disabled by default, one for water and the other for freeze. If the freeze entity is not changing, you’ll need to capture driver debug logs and see if the device ever actually reports anything (without a notification, there’s nothing that could be done…). The manual suggests testing the freeze capability using a bag of ice and waiting at least 30 minutes, so make sure you’ve tried that.

Yes I tested for over an hour with a bucket of icy cold water. I ended up with 7 entities- 2 tampering related, node status, battery low, and 3 water related (one of which works great). No freeze related entities which I suspect is the issue. Is there a way to create a custom entity or is that only done within the integration? I will retest and watch the led to see if it is sending anything when cold.