Econet Bulldog ZWave Config

I purchased a Econet Bulldog Zwave Water Valve. In Home Assistant, I use the Zwave Integration with and the Aeotec zwave usb stick. The Econet Bulldog paired with Home Assistant and listed it as Node2 . When looking at it there are NO listed controls. Its online and live. Looking around Im not finding much information on others who have paired the Econet Bulldog in the same manner. Curious to know how can I get the controls for this device within Home Assistant.

Thank You

Show a screenshot or what you are seeing and have you tried to re-interview the device? (its under config)

I just tried re-interviewed the device. That didnt add any controls

So the short and sweet version is until a successful interview happens so the device is identified that’s what you’ll see.

Remedy is re-interview until the correct device type is identified.

If a reinterview didn’t do it something is giving you problems with communication (Happens a lot)

Run a ZWave repair on the node, try again.

If it doesn’t pop then I’d pop ZWaveJS into debug logging and capture a log while you’re running an interview to see what’s going on.

Common issues you can fix quickly include:
ZWave stick plugged directly into PC/Pi/etc. Without extension cord usb interference prevents interview
Too far between powered repeaters and signal issues prevent interview

2nd re-interview pulled the info.

Appreciate the help, never had to do that.

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I am curious - What exactly are the sensors / controls you are getting in the end?

The control that was missing was the ability to actuate the valve movement