Econet Integration failed setup

The Econet integration has been working fabulously to control my furnace for the last few months. It doesn’t appear to connect and has a persistent ‘failed setup, will retry’ notification. I can still control my furnace through the official Rheem Econet app, but I prefer not to!

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve restarted HA many times but it has done nothing.

Yes I am having the same issue and the same results as you. “Failed setup, will retry” in an endless loop.

Yep, another one here too.

EcoNet Integration Not Working · Issue #102800 · home-assistant/core (

I assume this integration uses the pyeconet library? I’ve been using that library with OpenHAB for a year now without problem. But starting a few days ago, I started getting an “invalid response error” from the Rheem API “getLocation” endpoint. I posted my issue to Reddit in the hopes someone would have a solution, but so far no luck:

I suspect that Rheem has made some change on the backend of their API which has broken the API that pyeconet library uses. Since pyeconet uses an un-official, un-supported API, I’m completely uncertain whether Rheem will fix the issue. I knew this was a risk when I started using pyeconet, but I was hoping that this day would never come. I certainly hope it gets fixed.

EDIT: Oh, I checked the other thread that was linked, and it looks like the pyeconet lib was fixed.

Another broken one here. My furnace and water heater are not unavailable and I’ve in turn lost several automations

Ha is falling apart! Chamberlain and now rheem!

Oddly enough
I did a restore back to yesterday and rheem is working now

Seems as though the issue is now fixed, Econet integration is working perfectly on my HA instance