Ecosmart HubSpace 1006 931 917 disassembly photos

I bought a pair of these ecosmart 1006 931 917 bulbs:

Was going to try flashing them, but obv gotta disassemble it first. Here are some disassembly photos if anyone is interested:

As you can see - these are obviously not intended to be disassembled. the main power leads to the socket are soldered and short. It might be possible to get some leads on the serial pads without pulling the board, but for all practical purposes, it is not possible. Simply cant get to the serial pads without breaking the power leads pulling the board out far enough to gain access.

I assume the threads of the E26 socket are the last thing to go on during assembly and gets staked around the upper rim of the thread. Possibly with heat? :man_shrugging:

I figured i was beyond returning this bulb, so I just pulled the board out because i was curious. However, I cant see an easy way to re-solder the leads even if they were long enough to do without the board inserted…i dont know if i can reach down inside to the tip of the socket

Just sharing data.

flashing with what?