Ecowatt, your electricity weather forecast for a responsible consumption (France)

RTE, which manages the transport of electricity in France, has made available to customers a free peak consumption alert service: ecowatt

This system will be very useful this winter given the high tension on the electricity and gas market due to the war in Ukraine and maintenance work on French nuclear reactors.

This new warning system, which has just been launched, provides a 4-day forecast of the risk of power cuts.

The alert system is available by sms, email and via API.

API information are also available in english :grinning:

The purpose of this feature request is to ask a talent to use the free api available to create a home assistant integration.

Of course I can help anyone for testing purpose.

thank you

I developed a prototype usable via hacs: GitHub - kamaradclimber/rte-ecowatt: A home assistant component for ecowatt api exposed by french company RTE
Contributions will be welcomed, especially from people with experience developing custom components.

Also see this thread (in french)