Ecowitt Integration cannot find Froggit/Ecowitt WH3000

Hello wise community

I am still quite new to the world of “Home Assistant” and still taking my first steps.
Now I am stuck on what I hope is a small issue.

I have a Froggit WH3000 weather station for a few years. It is probably identical in construction to an Ecowitt weather station.

So that I can use the sensors also in Home Assistant, I added the integration “Ecowitt” and entered the corresponding data (IP address, URL (Wehook) and port) in the weather station as under “Customized” in the “WSView Plus”.

Now the integration is visible, but no devices and no sensors.

I am currently using:
Home Assistant 2023.3.5
Supervisor 2023.03.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230309.1 - latest

I am now hoping that anyone can give me a hint as to what I am doing wrong here.


The Ecowitt integration needs to know about the specific device connecting to it. Sometimes newer Ecowitt devices aren’t in there. Sometimes the new devices are close enough to something else that they work (but generate some errors in the log), and other times you’re just out of luck until the developer adds them. It looks like the thing you’re trying to connect isn’t an Ecowitt device but something that can communicate with Ecowitt’s servers. My best bet is that it doesn’t provide enough information to the “ecowitt server” for this integration to tell what kind of device it is and what sensors it should have.

I could also be very wrong. Maybe if you post the configuration you see in WS View plus the configuration on the integration side someone (maybe even I) can help more.

I switched over to using Ecowitt2MQTT because I had some Ecowitt devices that didn’t work reliably with the integration. Getting an MQTT server running just to exchange this data can be a little bit of a thing for a newer person, so I’m not necessarily recommending that. I’m just saying it might be an option if the integration ends up not working for you.

Mario i’ve solved the problem, it is working now, it was related to the fact that ecowiit integration only work if you are able to login locally via HTTP protocoll and not HTTPS, so in my case i had to install NGIX proxy, if you need any further information don’t hesitate to ask.