Ecowitt weather station

I have my Ecowitt weather station set up and all seems well, unfortunately the label is wrong on the card. In the Ecowitt set-up it is set for mph, but on the card on the dashboard it is kph, as below.

Here’s the thing, a friend of mine came round with a wind speed machine and that speed is actually mph, so it’s just the label that’s wrong not the data, can one of you put me onto how to change that label? Many thanks.

Did you ever get this sorted? My new Ecowitt is converting the mph readings it gets to km/h readings on HASS and displaying that. The first image is what Ecowitt control panel is sending.

The second is a screenshot from HASS image

18.57 mph = 29.88km/h so it is converting the data and any help would be appreciated!

I have found out how to do this and am sharing to help others.

For each sensor (e.g. wind gust) you can change select the units using the settings cog.

Nicely found. Thank you