Edgerouter X and HA

I have an Edgerouter X, acting as a DHCP server on my network. Is it possible for HA to communicate with it, and notify me when the family cell phones connect on my WiFi? (or perform any other action)

I don’t have any UniFi devices, just the Edgerouter X.

I found these

But I would really prefer not modifying the Edgerouter software.

Why not use NMAP for that? Or a simple PING device tracker?

Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea these options existed. I will give it a try.

Have a look here:

I implemented full integration to my ER4, with websocket, working great,
It works for the last 3 weeks without any issue, if you would like to use it I can send you the repo,
It supports:
Device tracker
Traffic analysis per interface (tx/rx totals and per second)
Binary sensor per device (instead ping all devices in network) with trafic analysis (as for interface)
Leased devices sensor to identify if someone connected to the network and you didn’t know

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Sure, please do. I’ll give it a try.

I would be interested in this too. I have an Edgerouter Lite and use Unifi APs for device tracking, but more interested in the Analysis and tracking if wired machines are on rather than using Ping.

Had been thinking about how I could get some simple stats from the router and was thinking about SNMP but this could be better.

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I used a custom component that someone here in the forum developed but it didn’t update once someone left home, then used snmp with grafana but it didn’t provide the entire solution I was looking for.
After that I install the UNMS server and found out it uses websocket, based on that i implemented the component.

I will create a repo and share it here

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Hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile: