Edit and add logbook entries

Hello to the round! I have only recently started using Home Assistant, but have some experience with FHEM from the past. With Home Assistant I would like to visualize the data of my solar system. This I have also managed very quickly and am already quite satisfied. The solar system runs since 20.07.22. Home Assistant I have but only since the end of September. All data between commissioning and start of Home Assistant I had manually written in a table. Is there a possibility to add the old data in Home-Assistent in the form of logbook entries or to edit incorrectly entered data so that they are correctly observed in the statistics?
Thank you very much for the support.

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As far as i know there is no other way than manually insert them into the statistics table in the database. Maybe you can insert them in a way from fhem into the HA DB.
Another way is to insert some dummy statistics and adjust them via the developer menu - statistics.

Before you do that make a backup of your current database.