Edit entity states in scene

I ask a way to edit scenes. Right now you can only add/remove entities and when you press a “Save” the current status of all entities will be saved.

For instance I have a scenes “all heaters on” and “all heaters off” that I use when energy price is cheap or extremely expensive. I can’t add a new heater to this scene unless I switch all existing heaters on or off and then save it with the new one.

Fortunately I can activate a scene with one click to do that but I can’t restore the previous state any more unless I create one more scene to save the current state first.

For such scenes it is just uncomfortable (but can also cost some money when I play during extreme high price) but I imagine that when there are a lot of lights in scene it will be much worse. It directly limits you when you can set up a scene - you can’t do it during the night without switching your light on :smiley:

This is a duplilcate of WTH is there no way to create or edit scenes without realtime state changes?

Please vote and track that one instead :+1: