Edit groups in yaml

I’m new to HA and have created various groups in Helper. How do I edit those groups in yaml?

I’ve installed File Editor but I can’t find any of the groups I have created in Helper. I’ve looked in configuration.yaml and I don’t appear to have a groups.yaml file.

Many thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question!

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Group helpers created in the UI should be edited in the UI.

It is generally not advised to manually edit the files where they are stored… which is why those files are hidden.


You can manage groups in yaml. (Home Assistant Documentation).

They work the same but as @Didgeridrew said, groups in the UI can only be managed in the UI. Groups in groups.yaml can only be edited in groups.yaml.

I have both. I defined my upstairs and downstairs lights and switches groups in the UI, and in my groups.yaml I defined an all lights group, which is itself a group of groups.

I think I prefer the yaml method.

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I also have a mixture of UI and YAML groups. Typically, groups of groups go in YAML, and other groups (locks, switches, etc) all go through the UI (for quick changes where I don’t want to drop down to the file system).

I also prefer the yaml groups, because they show the individual group member states in the UI when you click on them. That is so much more useful then the UI ones, who hide the info.

It’s also easier to edit the groups in yaml. In the UI editing the group is well hidden.

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I think that’s specific to “legacy” group entities. The domain-based integration groups have the same frontend behavior as the UI configured ones.