Edit in YAML produces blank window on MacOS Ventura

I did upgrade my MACOS to MAC OS ventura (13.3.0) and just realized when I try editing an automation in YAML editor (from the home assistant automation page) it does not display it at all. Comes as a blank page. I am using Safari 16.4 and using the nabucasa https link.

If I try to use the visual editor mode of the editor also behaves weird: template come in blank: see value template:

Home Assistant 2023.1.4
Supervisor 2023.04.0
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230110.0 - latest

Apparently it works OK in Google chrome which I don’t generally use.

It also behaves ODD if I am using the MACOS Home Assistant application.

Has anyone had similar issues after upgrading their computer MACOS/ any solution?


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Usually broweser related, check the security settings for the IP address or the URL of the HA instance.

Nope, nothing I can point a finger to.

I have access to another instance (newer HASSOS version) which I can properly access using Safari. Go figure…
I will try updating my HASS OS to latest and see if it makes a difference. Keep you posted.

So my solution was upgrading to latest HASS - 2023.4.6
Worked like magic for me.