"Edit in Yaml" shows no data


I have all of the sudden a strange problem. When i edit my Dashboard, and click on “Edit in Yaml”, all of the sudden it won´t show me any code? Before i got always the YAML Code to edit things.


Console show me this error:

styles.ts:372 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t.setValue is not a function
    at F.value (hui-entity-editor.ts:192:1)
    at F._$AE (styles.ts:372:1)
    at F.performUpdate (styles.ts:372:1)
    at F.scheduleUpdate (styles.ts:372:1)
    at F._$EC (styles.ts:372:1)
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Any idea?
Got still stuck here

I’m currently having the same issue, also getting the same error…

Having the same issue as well, but I noticed it only happens in Safari, while it works 100% in Chrome for me :man_shrugging: