Edit ios config


Can someone help me edit the ios config file?

This used to be an ios.yaml file but I no longer see this file in my config directory. I have looked everywhere and cannot see it.

Basically, I need to edit the names of some of the ios devices I use, however it keeps rendering old names which leads me to believe that these values are now being stored in the core somewhere and no longer in a dedicated ios.yaml file…

I have deleted the app on the iPhone, removed the manual ios config in the configuration.yaml file, renamed the ios device in the app, but it still resolved the old entity names…

When trying to rename in known devices or in entity_register it will create more devices with an _2 as the device…

Any ideas?


feel free to steal from mine :slight_smile:


This does not address the actual device names for the various ios devices…

There used to be a file with a long string in it which held all the registered ios devices and their various values, such as push-id etc

but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

yeah, that file is hidden by default and called .ios.conf
try nano .ios.conf, in case it’s hidden you can still edit it this way (replace nano with gedit or whichever your preferred editor is)

ah! Cool, thanks! I thought I was losing my mind as I am sure it used to be in the config folder…

Thanks for your help!