Edit Lovelace files directly from SSH

Hey ,
I would like to have the ability to edit lovelace YAMAL files directly from SSH folder,

but after i had installed it files were generated automatically , and i cannot file loavelace files.

how to setup the system to gain full access to them?

The auto-generated files aren’t YAML, and manually editing them isn’t advised.

You could convert the JSON (in .storage/lovelace) to YAML, enable YAML mode, and then edit that, but you’ll no longer be able to use the UI editor.

Goto front end.

3 dot menu in upper right


hit the 3 dot menu again and hit RAW CONFIG EDITOR

Copy all of that into a ui-lovelace.yaml file

In your configuration yaml, turn on YAML mode for lovelace.

Restart Home Assistant

Now you can edit that yaml all you want

i don’t want to modify the current configuration file as it have some more modification i did

how to activate YAML ?mode for lovelace?


Right here in the documentation.

is there a script to convert existing files?

No. Click on 3 dot menu. Configure UI. Click on 3 dot menu again. Raw editor. Select and copy entire contents. Put in yaml file.

this means instead of having multiple files now it will be one consolidate file with huge amount of lines?

There is only ONE yaml file for lovelace. Even the json file in storage is one file.
Yes that file can get very long .

You can easily split it up using !include tho.

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But… it’s YAML, and that means (as others have said) you can split it up using includes :wink: