"Edit" modbus registers from frontend?

I have a home battery and I want to be able to change it’s DOD setting (0% - 100%) from HA frontend. In winter I want the DOD to be higher than in the sunnier months. I want to be able to manually control it from HA.

The battery is configurable via modbus and right now I have this:

       - name: "Home battery DOD"
         unique_id: home-battery-dod
         slave: 247
         address: 45356
         unit_of_measurement: '%'
         input_type: holding
         count: 1
         data_type: uint16
         scan_interval: 10

I can now read the DOD setting but register 45356 is writable too.

I just can’t figure out how to make this an editable field in HA? Is this possible?
If not: is there an integration that makes it possible?